Flash Fiction Challenge Winner

The results are in…

The winner of the flash fiction challenge is CJ Clemmons! Congratulations, you have won a free PDF of our writing prompts ebook! Here is CJ’s winning story and a picture of the prompt that goes with it:

The book that your sister gave you. Your favorite. She said she bought it. You know it was a gift from someone. She didn’t like it so she gave it to you. The purse your mother gave you. Full of chore lists. She said she forgot them there. You know she wanted you to find them.

Your college diploma. Your father said it would make you happy. You know it would make him happy. The office job. The one you hated. The one they loved.

The wedding dress your grandma gave you. She said she would give it to you only when you would find Mr Right. Poor sweet Grandma. He fooled you too. The photo album. Lips smiling. Eyes crying. The cemetery. Your ghost comes here every night. You can’t accept that you died without having lived.

You can read all the challenge entries in the comments here. Thank you to everyone who entered! We hope to read more from you in our upcoming flash fiction challenges!

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