NO HOPE: A Short Story by Mary Papas

no hope by mary papas

(529 words)

Thomas was always in love with Deina.

In the first grade, she walked up to him to say hello and offered him a piece of chocolate. He looked in her blue eyes; they looked like the sea to him. He was instantly drowned.
Thomas and Deina spent their childhood sharing notes, jokes, dreams, fears… anything but love. They could not share their love because it was so different. Thomas was in love with
Deina. Deina loved him as a brother.

He always had to suppress his need to smell her hair, caress her face, touch her lips. He always had to pretend to be happy every time she talked to him about her new boyfriend. He hated
them all before he even met them because they could have her and he couldn’t. But he never showed it.

They would all hang out together. Deina and John, or Deina and Nick, or Deina and George, or Deina and Peter, or Deina and Paul… and Thomas in the role of the bodyguard. They would all
have a great time every Saturday till late at night when they would separate. And then it would be just Deina and John. or Deina and Nick, or Deina and George. or Deina and Peter, or Deina
and Paul… and Thomas with a prostitute whose name he never remembered because it never mattered, all it mattered is that she was always brunette with blue eyes like Deina, and if not, he
made sure he was carrying a brunette wig and blue colored contact lenses with him.

And one day Deina announced to Thomas she would get married. It was a new guy, Adam. The worst of all. A gambler, an alcoholic, a serial cheater. Thomas tried to change her mind. He
could not see her self-destruct right in front of him.

But Deina did not want to listen to Thomas. She pushed him away and declared she didn’t want to see him ever again.

She threw away twenty years of friendship for a four month crush.

Thomas locked himself in his house and spent all day in bed, looking at the ceiling, concentrating on something very important, something only he could see.

One day Deina knocked on Thomas’s door. He opened the door, ran straight into her arms and told her that he loved her, that he always loved her, that she was the only woman he ever loved,
the only woman he would love forever.

Deina said nothing, she just looked Thomas in the eyes, and in her eyes Thomas saw that he had no hope, no hope at all, not now, not ever, no hope at all, so many men in Deina’s life and he was
the only one who had no hope, he loved her more than anyone and he had no hope, he put up with all those men for her sake and he had no hope, he was doomed to look for her in prostitutes who looked like her because he had no hope with her, no hope at all, and suddenly the pain became a huge wave and hit him, and his hands wrapped around her neck and squeezed.


Mary Papas has been in love with the written word ever since she was a kid. Books were always her best friends, sometimes her only friends. She likes to read many books simultaneously while drinking coffee and eating croissants. When she falls deeply in love with a book, she stays up all night to finish it. You can buy her books on Amazon here.

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