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Mary Papas has been in love with the written word since she was a child. Books were always her best friends; sometimes her only friends. She likes to read many books simultaneously while drinking coffee and eating croissants. When she falls deeply in love with a book, she stays up all night to finish it.

She views writing as a way to understand people better and communicate with them more effectively.

She has written several flash fiction stories for online journals and websites.

Mary is excited to contribute to this project and looks forward to helping spread the word about short stories and flash fiction!

Books by Mary Papas

 The Wannabe Author: A Short Story


She hates her office job, her boss and her colleagues. She dreams of becoming a best selling author and secretly writes her first novel during her work hours. Talent is all she needs she thinks…but she is wrong! A single short story that will make you laugh out loud!

Praise for The Wannabe Author

“I was alone so it didn’t look silly when I burst out laughing. I recognized myself. Mary, thank you for the laughs.” — Mr L McEwen

“Mary writes well and draws you into her story, and then surprises you with a terrific ending that leaves you wanting more.” — Devin DeVasquez

“I laughed out loud reading this. You just get inside the main character’s head and KNOW that she’s headed for a crash-and-burn scenario, but you can’t help but want to see more of her unwavering confidence.” — Starlight

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Take Off Your Mask


People wear masks. They hide who they really are.
Why do they do that? What is more painful, trying to take off the mask or keep on wearing it?
Five women pretend to be something they are not in this fiction anthology.
Short stories about dangerous relationships.
Nothing is at it seems.

Praise for Take Off Your Mask

“The twist at the end of each story caught me off guard each and every time. I highly recommend this thought provoking book.” — Margie Miklas

“Fascinating glimpses into the human psyche. I’ll be reading more by Papas.” — DKS

“I loved that it not only examined the dark, insecurities of the narrator, but the hidden desires of her husband.” — Amazon Customer

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Relationship Status: It Is Complicated

A husband and a wife drift apart. Will they make it?
A washed up actress and her loyal assistant. Are they really that close, or are they using each other?
Two sisters decide to talk openly about their relationship and it will change forever. For better or for worse?

Praise for Relationship Status: It Is Complicated

“Papas displays her writer skills in full by presenting a complete back story through a few expert sentences within an electrifying dialogue.” — Nicholas C. Rossis

“Mary Papas knows how to weave her incredible tales in a way like no other and although short these stories will entertain and stay in the readers mind long after the last page is finished!” — P.S. Winn

“Fast-paced, poignant and very honest, this collection of short stories are a pleasure to read.” — MariaM

Get Relationship Status: It Is Complicated for Kindle here.

walking-in-the-dark-by-mary-papasWalking in the Dark

What happens when reality plays games on you? What happens when you think you know someone only to find out you actually don’t? What happens when you have to deal with situations you didn’t even dream of? This short story collection answers all those questions (and more!).

Praise for Walking in the Dark

“Nothing is quite as it seems as Mary Papas takes the reader on a journey or two they will be thinking about for days to come.” — P.S. Winn

“If I have any complaint, it is that I was disappointed that it was not longer.” — Bighilt

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Anthologies Featuring Mary Papas’s Stories

14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall: Flash Fiction Stories

14-twisted-tales-to-enthrall-mary-papas-ray-tullettThis collection of 14 flash fiction stories is written by Mary Papas and Ray Tullett. There is something for everyone in these twisted tales–from humour to horror! Once you start reading you will not want to stop! These bite-sized short stories from two different authors that will keep you guessing and have you begging for more to devour.

Praise for 14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall

“You can’t help but think, dig deep, and ultimately ask yourself, “What would I do in that situation?” More often than not, I found myself “enthralled” in the story only to realize it was ending all too soon.” — Taylor Fulks

“These stories are the perfect showcase of these writers’ skills. They are obviously very talented and have written tales that contain a great deal of emotion in a few words.” — Maria Savva

“These stories explore emotions and relationships. They’re short, but they all pack a decent punch.”– Adam Ickes

Get 14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall for Kindle here.

Murder Horror Flash Fiction Stories: An Anthology

murder-horror-flash-fiction-storiesAn anthology of horror flash fiction stories all involving a murder. Murder out of habit, impulsive murder, murder framed on someone else, murder carefully planned and executed. Scare yourself with this collection of stories–and be sure to leave a light on while reading!

Praise for 14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall

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