An Interview with PJ Rhett


1) What inspires you to write short stories? 

I am inspired to write short stories by life experiences,  social issues , and imagination. Of the three, life experiences is probably the most influential- I think it helps to make the plot and characters more believable.

2) Characters, plot, and writing style: Put them in order of importance. 

When I begin to develop a story line, I start with the plot, develop my characters and writing style in a way that I feel supports the plot.

3) Do you write daily or when you feel  inspired? 

I would like to be disciplined enough to write everyday but unfortunately,  I write when inspired and make the time to do so.

4) What challenges you and what intrigues you as a short fiction author? 

Living life and all that comes with it – relationships,  travel, work and all of the interesting people that come in and out of my life is what inspires me; it is a challenge to represent those people in my stories without infringing on their privacy.

5) Any advice for short fiction authors?

My advice to anyone who wants to write and tell a story is to be true to what interests you, and to write what you have personal experience/knowledge of.

PJ Rhett is a proud nana and lover of all flat-faced animals. She resides in Minnesota with her pug, Phoebe, and pug-Boston terrier mix, Josie. She writes in her spare time and will possibly consider putting up a blog someday.

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