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Deina lives in Minnesota with her two kitties, Momo and Ume, and her boyfriend, Steven. When she’s not writing, she enjoys drawing, 3D modeling, video editing, working on websites, playing video games, drinking craft beer, and dabbling in various money-saving activities such as making homemade Greek yogurt and freezing loads of crockpot meals. She writes science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, and horror stories. Genre-blending is a passion of hers, and she often questions whether she’s making any real progress by doing these things.

Deina published her first novelette, “The Magnum Opus” in June 2014 and just released a collection of short stories entitled “Dysmorphia”. You can find more short stories, blog posts, and pesky-in-progress-novel information at her website,


Books by Deina Furth


The Magnum Opus

the-magnum-opus-by-deina-furthCreating the perfect companion is Rastigan’s dream–maybe even his obsession. For years, he has tinkered and planned, pouring his heart into his work as intensely as he poured scotch into his glass. But every machine that he built fell short of his expectations. His work completely consumed his thoughts and time, leaving him a homebound hermit with nary a connection to the outside world. As the years pressed on, Rastigan seemed doomed to live out remainder of his life as a solitary eccentric who found companionship only with his favorite brand of booze.

Then he created Evangeline. She far surpasses anything he’s ever built in terms of complexity, intelligence, and of course, beauty. She’s his most lifelike invention to date, and to him, she is perfect in every way.

Until she begins to develop her own desires, that is–desires that leave Rastigan out of the picture, frustrated and unconnected yet again.

Has Rastigan finally found the companion he’s yearned for, or has his obsession with building his magnum opus gone too far?

Praise for The Magnum Opus

“The pacing ratcheted up nicely, the characters came alive (no pun intended) immediately and I was enchanted by Evangeline.” — N. L. Sampson-Bach

“I totally loved this. I loved all of it. From start to finish.” — Amazon Customer

“This is a brilliant, touching story about the mistakes we try to undo and the messes we make in pursuit of a misguided sense of vindication.” — C A Guardiola

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dysmorphia-by-deina-furthIn this collection of ten short stories, author Deina Furth examines the many potential manifestations of the word “dysmorphia.” Whether it’s through the eyes of a young man struggling with depression and anxiety, a trans man trying to find the means to transition, or a desperate woman struggling to accept her body, Deina strives to represent the “smoke and mirror” reality that millions of people face across the world daily. Each story is a slice-of-life narrative that explores the feelings of disconnectedness that accompany mental illness and desperation alike, and the result is an emotionally-wrought tale that will stay with the reader for a long time.

Crawl into the minds of these ten characters and experience the many faces of dysmorphia in all of their frightening, heartbreaking, and loving forms. A must read for those who seek contemporary fiction tackling the tough topics of mental illness, transgender issues and rights, gay and lesbian issues and rights, body image disorders, sexuality, and self-harm and suicide.

Warning: Stories contain sometimes graphic descriptions of violence and discuss sensitive issues. Please be advised that the stories may not be suitable for a young audience.

Praise for Dysmorphia

“The narrators are multi-faceted and dynamic, and despite each story being very short, their flaws and strengths and even humor come through.” — Dani

“I am in love with the concept, the writing style, the characters, the plot, everything!” — Amazon Customer

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Anthologies and Collections Featuring Deina’s Stories


Murder Horror Flash Fiction Stories: An Anthology

murder-horror-flash-fiction-storiesAn anthology of horror flash fiction stories all involving a murder. Murder out of habit, impulsive murder, murder framed on someone else, murder carefully planned and executed. Scare yourself with this collection of stories–and be sure to leave a light on while reading!

Praise for Murder Horror Flash Fiction Stories

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The Guide: Flash Fiction


The Woven Tale Press is an eclectic culling of the creative web. Every month, short stories, art, and poetry are selected and compiled into a beautiful digital magazine.

Deina’s short story, The Guide, appeared in the August 2014 issue. The Guide is a flash fiction piece of around 1000 words. It begins with a woman awakening in the night to the sight of a flaming bird on her dresser.

But it’s when the bird starts speaking to her that she really wonders if she’s going crazy…

Read the August 2014 issue of The Woven Tale Press here.