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Looking for great eBook deals? Got a sale you’d like to promote? Well, you’re in the right place! This is a great spot for both authors and readers to find the best eBooks on sale.

For authors:
If you are the author of a short story or flash fiction book on sale, you can post about it by following the instructions below. If you have more than one book on sale, that’s great–you can add a separate post following the same guidelines.

For readers:
Check out the comment section at the end of this article and follow the links to the books. Pretty simple!

In the comments section of this article, please post:

1) The name of the story
2) Your author or pen name
3) A short blurb about your story (try to keep it to an easily Tweetable length–under 140 characters)
4) ONE link to your book on Amazon

If you have more than one story available, you can post it in a separate comment. Do not post pornography or spammy links. Those who don’t follow instructions will have their comments deleted. 

The most important step of all? Let everyone know about your story being shared here!

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4 thoughts on “eBook Deals

  1. Tales From Virdura
    Graham Downs

    A collection of flash fiction stories set in the fantasy world of Virdura. The spiritual successor to the short story, A Petition to Magic, these can be read in conjunction with that story, or enjoyed by themselves.

    $0.99 on Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2EeqGIz

  2. Spirit Caller, by Suneé le Roux

    Teva’s village is dying. To find out why the spirits of the earth have abandoned them, she must enlist the help of the Spirit Caller. Together, they must confront the Eater of Souls, or face the death of everything Teva holds dear…

    $0.99 on Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2NOLtW0

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