Friday Story Sharing #9!


Hi, everyone! It’s Friday today, and that means that it’s time for Friday Story Sharing again!

Since it’s #ebookweek, we have a special event going on.

If you’re the author of a short story or flash fiction collection on sale for #ebookweek, you can take this opportunity to advertise your book for free. How does it work? It’s really easy.

In the comments section of this article, please post:

1) The name of the story

2) Your author or pen name

3) A short blurb about your story (try to keep it to an easily Tweetable length–under 140 characters)

4) ONE link to your book on Amazon

If you have more than one story available, you can post it in a separate comment. Do not post pornography or spammy links. Those who don’t follow instructions will have their comments deleted. 

The most important step of all? Let everyone know about your story being shared here!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Story Sharing #9!

  1. Hi,
    My ebook ‘The Path That Leads Nowhere: 100 Short Stories’ by Joe Baxter is available now on Amazon. You can find it here:
    It features a diverse range of characters all searching for meaning within the confusing world they inhabit.
    (Incidentally it includes ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’ which was written for Mary’s Valentine’s Day competition a couple of years back.)
    Any constructive comments very much appreciated.


  2. Bottles and Pots by Jacqueline Pye
    A collection of my dark short stories and flash fiction, with love, jealousy, psychosis, revenge and murder! Some pieces have been listed, placed or commended, and some published in anthologies.

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