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I have tried various art forms over the years, such as song writing, poetry, amateur dramatics, pottery, water colours and abstract acrylics, but it is writing where I feel the greatest enjoyment, mainly for its freedom of expression and the unfettered opportunity to explore one’s imagination. The great reward from writing for me is in two parts. Firstly, to examine the dynamics of a situation or character and explore one’s own feelings and values. Secondly, to publish your writing and hear others opinions of what you have written, hoping, of course, that it leads to a further richness of self-knowledge.

I began my first story at the age of 10, complete with illustrations and, although unfinished, it is fun to read later on in life. I dabbled in other short stories at college but none were ever made ready for publishing.

Here are some examples of my art work, some of which are available on the Etsy site.


Books by Luke McEwen


 One Last Cruise: A Collection of Short Stories


In this collection:
– A married couple in their eighties take a risk, insistent on living their lives the way they have always done.
– Brighton hosts a modern take on the Greek myth of Medusa, showing the consequences of living with injustice.
– A university student displays her natural gift as a listener, essential skills to achieve her ambition as a counsellor.
– A small token of little monetary value takes on great symbolic importance when a daughter loses her mother.
– A middle aged business man tries to repair his marriage with the same techniques he uses in the boardroom.

Praise for One Last Cruise: A Collection of Short Stories

“The author truly understands his protagonists, and has a perfect grasp on human relationships and the essential ingredients needed for survival.” — AMH

“He enjoys wry twists to his stories (just when you thought that you knew what was coming next!) which are rather fun!” — CJ Churchill

“I really enjoyed reading the ‘One Last Cruise’ collection.” — Nicky Al

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His and Her Lists


Mark, bless him, thinks he has a firm grasp on what his wife is doing wrong. He doesn’t seem to have considered the fact that she may also have her own list. The battle ground is set in a coffee bar.

Mark has neatly organised his ammunition and is ready for the onslaught. In the end Mark gets a completely different reaction to the one he was hoping for. He seems to have put off this fight for the last few years and that may make the ‘present’ more difficult for him to control.

Mark’s structured approach is his success at work. He needs to learn that what works in the boardroom isn’t going to work in the bedroom.

Praise for His and Her Lists

“Luke McEwen’s stories are easy to read and wonderfully written.” — AMH

“If the definition of a good story is that you feel emotionally involved in the situation, then His and Hers Lists is spot on.” — Andrea

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Listening to George


This is a short story, made available separately from Luke McEwen’s One Last Cruise Collection of short stories.

There is a lot of quirky in this story. Quirky and fun for a story which wraps a light hearted tale of romance around some heavier themes.

Some people just know how to connect with others, it’s a skill. And to watch them is as entertaining as it is educational. In this short story Sasha is reading psychology and addresses the question of both empathy and listening as the essential tools of a counsellor. Through her relationships with the students, lecturers and fellow tenants of her halls of residence we see that when it comes to being a good listener she may be one of life’s naturals.

For those interested in the social history of 19th century rural England there is something for you too. What would marriage counselling have looked like back then? Now that could be entertaining! Can George manage to talk about his feelings through his stiff upper lip?

Praise for Listening to George

“Here is a tale that manages to be entertaining, sexy and witty while at the same time making a serious point.” — Andrea

“The characters really came to life, which is quite considerable as I only had three chapters to get to know them.” — AMH

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The Thimble


This is a short story, made available separately from Luke McEwen’s One Last Cruise Collection of short stories.

Anna’s mother, Ted’s wife, is not well. There are so many plans to make, decisions to finalise and possessions to tidy up. The last problem on Anna’s mind may be facing her own fear of losing her mother.
This story is a celebration of love between a daughter and her parents. Through each page we understand the depth and quality of that love, which grows deeper, ironically, in a period of unhappiness and loneliness.

Praise for The Thimble

“A promising start to Luke McEwen’s career as an author. Heart-warming contemporary fiction with a quirky flavour.” — Brian Evans-Jones

“Helps the reader come to terms with death and leaves a bittersweet taste at the end that makes you think about the story for days.” — Amazon Customer

“This is a wonderfully evocative story about life, death, and discovery.” — Insomniac Reads

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Through the Eyes of Medusa


This is a short story, made available separately from Luke McEwen’s One Last Cruise Collection of short stories.

When we think of Medusa we remember her rage, her ugliness and her wrath, and those eyes that turned men to stone. Yet in truth, if Greek mythology can have a truth, she had once been beautiful and pure. She had been the innocent victim of Poseidon’s lust. Only by understanding the male-dominated society at the time can you understand why Poseidon could not be punished and why Medusa was mutilated and banished.

In this short story, set in a residential estate in Brighton, we meet a woman who has apparently lost all her family. In a chance meeting our hero is captivated by the beauty of our heroine, or is she merely a victim? The joy of our traditional boy meets girl story is infused with mystery. This woman has a look that makes most men run away from her. His growing love and his desire to know what is tormenting her leads him to discover an injustice. Can he save her from the pain that threatens to keep her locked away inside herself because of someone else’s wrong doing? Can he help her find the peace of mind she longs for?

Contains adult themes and strong language.

Praise for Through the Eyes of Medusa

“Dark, deep and intense, this story slowly but steadily pulls the reader in.” — Amazon Customer

“A short novel, but one that flows and the ending is not obvious.” — Chrism

“This is a well-written story which includes shocking revelation.” — S. Pearson

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Anthologies Featuring Luke McEwen’s Stories


Murder Horror Flash Fiction Stories: An Anthology

murder-horror-flash-fiction-storiesAn anthology of horror flash fiction stories all involving a murder. Murder out of habit, impulsive murder, murder framed on someone else, murder carefully planned and executed. Scare yourself with this collection of stories–and be sure to leave a light on while reading!

Praise for 14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall

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