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Marc Nash is an author living in London. A literary molotov cocktail thrower. A word contortionist. He spent 20 years in the counterculture working at Rough Trade Record Shop, and is now working in freedom of expression NGO world monitoring censorship around the world.

A few of his favorite words include metaphor, ideas, alchemy, trove, ambiguity, porousness, lyricism, and metastasis. Among many others.

He’s been inspired by great authors such as Haruki Murakami, Franz Kafka, and Philip Roth.


Books by Marc Nash

 16 FF


A short anthology of sixteen flash fiction stories following on from the author’s fifty-two story anthology. Stories involving: Tree Huggers, Lonely Hearts, Terrorism School, Disappointing Toys, Wedding Dances, Beards, Disco Mirrorballs, Ecstasy, Geeks, Leet, Alzheimer’s, Google Earth, Truffle Hunting, Sound Plasticity, Skin Rashes, Philosophically Programmed AI, Talking Dolls, Music Boxes…

Praise for 16 FF

“Nash likes to play with the complexity of words, whilst letting the reader have a quick painful peek at pent up emotions and subconscious fears.” — Cheryl M-M

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52 FF


52 flash fiction stories, some everyday, some mythic, some intensely sensuous, some comedic. All rich in language and metaphor. From child soldiers to aged actresses; from shaman to fairground knife thrower; from poisoner to charity giver; bingo callers, hitmen and women, werewolves, toy pandas, lovers, dancers and a recalcitrant apple tree, all are contained within this collection of the shortest form of story telling.

Praise for 52 FF

“There’s a gritty, down-to-earth quick appetiser to appeal to your varying taste-buds.” — Mrs. T. Newton

“These stories are nuggets. They are very varied in genre; some funny, some sad, some thought provoking.” — Ignite

“I read most of the stories twice, with story number 11 being my favorite!” — Amazon Customer

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From the black market economy of the 1980’s through the gangsterism behind the Clubbing scene of the 1990’s, to today’s decade of drift and low cost airline hedonism, one woman in exile has lived it all. On the run from her gangster husband, Karen Dash is hiding out in a Club 18-30 resort in Kavos on the island of Corfu. A home from home as the neo-colonial horde of hens, stags, booze cruisers and sex tourists turn mythical, Classical Greece into Little Britain. Meanwhile, back in the UK, an NHS nurse decides she has had enough of being assaulted by the patients she is trying to help heal…
Wish you were anywhere but here?

Praise for A,B&E

“After reading A B & E by Marc Nash, I feel like a chimp who’s been taught to screech out a few word-like sounds, or maybe a defrosted caveman educated by Katie Price.” — Paul Fenton

” Marc Nash is a master word player. He claims not to be a poet but, for me his writing has more in common with poetry than it has with narrative fiction.” — Hawksword

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28 Far Cries


This latest collection of flash-fictions from Marc Nash brings together 28 stylistically written tales of modernity, which expose the underbelly of life in the 21st Century. The stories range from the violence of Happy Hour to armoured pole-dancers, from dying superheroes to synesthesia, and from toxic relationships to warlords to the mythic ponderings of incubi and succubi. Each flash-fiction is crafted with Nash’s usual close attention to detail and the nuances of language, to captivate and intrigue.

Praise for 28 Far Cries

“The author severed traditions and embarked on his own, uncompromising quest.” — Henry Martin “Author”

“28 different flash fiction stories which make for a good read during a coffee break.” — Amazon Customer

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Time After Time


An assassin is sent from the Yoni Civilisation, back through the web of time to the current day. His mission is to kill the Mother of the Future, his future, in order to alter the course of history. For his civilisation is ruled by women, a world lacking any war or conflict and which has left men feeling emasculated. If he can prevent her daughter and her ideas from being born, to prevent them from ever existing, perhaps male dominance can be re-established, turning herstory back into history.

The assassin has several obstacles to overcome. He has no weapons he can bring with him. Nor has he had any exposure to violence, which is unfortunate since his target lives on a tough housing estate, so that he is going to have to battle through his belligerent male ancestors to get to her. Then he has to get close enough to his target. Seductively close… And that’s when the comedic clash of present and future cultures begins.

Praise for Time After Time

“Nash’s writing has a way of getting in your head and staying there, which is a rare experience for one as easily-distracted as me. Uncommonly excellent” – Booksquawk

“This story is cause and effect at its best. It is very funny in places for those of us who have a very dark and twisted sense of humour… The narrative and characters are superb and really hook you into the story” – The Opinionated Geeks.

“To be honest, 24 hours later I am still thinking about it and it has been a while since a book’s ideas have stayed with me after finishing reading it.”– Linda Parkinson-Hardman

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An Eye For An Eye For An Eye


You can tell a lot about a society from its murders. And Simon Moralee can tell everything from its victims. He has the gift- or is it a curse?- of being able to recover a vision of the last thing murder victims had imprinted on their minds before death. It means he can identify their killers and describe them to the police to secure a one hundred percent clean-up rate. A gift he first discovered as a teenager when cradling his butchered mother in his arms.

His financially bankrupt society leaps at the opportunity his gift provides, by cutting the level of policing and detection back to the bone, as a yet another cost-saving measure. The few remaining policemen serve as Simon’s minders as they seek to protect their most valuable asset and the one remaining celebrity the State can promote to their citizens as a good news story. Only people are losing interest in his exploits, as they lose hope for their society with its murder rate spiralling beyond Simon’s ability to keep pace. And into this numbers game emerges a new threat, when a criminal mastermind with a psychic power of his own, challenges Simon in a psychological joust to the death…

Praise for An Eye For An Eye For An Eye

” Even with nearly 500 unread books on my Kindle, I decided to download this one and I have to say I’m pleased I did.” — Maria Savva

“Great dystopian crime story with a gritty main character.” — Pixel8it

“Nash’s story is unique. I would love to see this character in a series on television.” — Rabid Readers Reviews “Avid Reader”

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Long Stories Short


Marc Nash’s third collection of flash fiction (stories of 1000 words or less) sees the master craftsman wrangle language like no other and make daring leaps of narrative style in this 32 story collection. Themes include Royal Wedding street parties, neon cowboys, dating apps, Hollywood directors, angels, assassins, glass eyes, arthritic stand up comedians, Geishas, Warrior-Poets, marionettes, Crime Scene Reconstruction actors, paintballing and waking up; images and metaphors for our modern age. The whole gamut of human emotions, relationships and idiosyncrasies is on show in this collection and all genres are playfully subverted.

Praise for Long Stories Short

“Marc Nash seems to take great pleasure in and full advantage of the depths and breadths of the English language, every metaphor is fully developed and constructed with eloquence and conceptual rigour” — Candice Carrie

“Marc Nash pushes the limits of language, and not a word is wasted, forcing the reader to think about what they are reading.” — Hawksword

“Lovely collection of short stories, some humorous, some sad, some disturbing, some curiously romantic..give it a read.” — Pixel8it

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Not in My Name


Semtex semiotics, internet grooming, ID theft by the most unreliable of narrators, he who wilfully misleads. Is that a wailing siren, or bomb-blast tinnitus inundating your ear?

An online activist who submerges his identity within the Net, stealing those of others as well as their souls. Grooming not for desire, but for death. Cyberspace is where the real politics is being fought out, in far more vicious and unconstrained talking shops than any legislature. In an anonymous realm, who exactly can be said to be acting in whose name?

The novel explores the limits of political opposition within a democracy. What actions remain when marches, petitions, lapel ribbons, all fail to move the Executive? It traces the explosive transformative process behind the ultimate form of resistance, a home-grown suicide bomber. What are the divergent pulls on identity, of growing up British, Asian and Muslim, that in extreme cases can lead to 7/7?

Praise for Not in My Name

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Anthologies Featuring Marc Nash’s Stories


Murder Horror Flash Fiction Stories: An Anthology

murder-horror-flash-fiction-storiesAn anthology of horror flash fiction stories all involving a murder. Murder out of habit, impulsive murder, murder framed on someone else, murder carefully planned and executed. Scare yourself with this collection of stories–and be sure to leave a light on while reading!

Praise for 14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall

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