Flash Fiction Applications

Looking for a big dose of flash fiction on a daily basis?  A flash fiction application can deliver. Check out the following list and pick what suits you the most!


A smartphone application available for Apple and Android devices,  TaleHunt is free to download and allows users to read and vote on various 250-character flash fiction stories. 

At the top of your screen you will see ‘’Trending’’ ‘’Followed’’ and ‘’Live’’.  Trending shows the most popular stories, Followed shows stories written by users you follow, and Live shows new stories. 

Nibble Reads

Nibble reads offers lots of  100-word flash fiction as well as drabbles and fiction in general, in less than 3000 words. Deeply emotional, the stories will help you escape real life and enter a new world, even for a few minutes. The application is free to download both on Google Play Store and on App Store. 

Spark Fiction

Another free flash fiction application, available both on Google Play  Store and on App Store,  Spark Fiction  allows you to read  5 minute fictional stories everywhere you go.  From fantasy and detective to sci-fi, you will certainly find something to grab your attention! 

Quick Fictions

Chosen by Sunday Times  as one of the ten top book apps, Quick Fictions is a free flash fiction application available only on App Store,  that allows you to read exceptional flash fiction, strictly limited to 300 words. 

Happy reading!


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