Recommended Reads: Sasquatch by Travis Mays


The 20th short horror story in the Free Nightmares series.

Everyone has heard stories about the mysterious creatures called Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) being sited during camping trips and other outdoor activities. Some believe they are docile and human like, just living in the forest, minding their own business, intending harm to no one. Others believe they are hateful, aggressive, territorial beasts that want to kill and maybe even eat us.

There have been movies, documentaries and reality shows, all based on the idea of these creatures existence. Most of us are inclined to believe that they are merely a product of fiction. However, whether or not you believe in something does not change whether or not it truly exists. When the television series Star Trek was first aired, wireless communication devices, stun guns and video conference, to name a few, were nothing more than fiction.

Yet today the average individual would have no problem acquiring all of the above. As for being docile or aggressive, if a species is considered theoretical at best there is no way of knowing its true temperament. Truth be known, just like every other species on the planet including mankind, if sasquatch really exist, some members of the species are probably docile and others are not.

Today you will have an encounter that will leave no doubt in your mind of the difference between Sasquatch and man. However, you must always keep in mind first impressions are not always the most reliable…

Sasquatch is available here.

Travis Mays is an indie-author who lives in the woods. 
He is a writer of fiction (horror books and short stories) as well as some nonfiction.

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