“Reunions” Anthology Now Available!

It’s with a lot of pride and excitement that we announce the release of our first anthology “Reunions”! We had a lot of contest entrants and were impressed by all the wonderful stories we received. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to enter, and to share your work with us.

You can purchase Reunions here for $2.99. If you buy it and enjoy it, please leave us a short review!


Reunions features work by:

Wendy Booth “Waiting for Mammy”
Robert Flippo “Rupert’s Journey”
Deina Furth “April 1st”
Maryann Holloway “Naval Reunion and Memories”
Raymond R. Krugg “Christina and Theresa and Cassandra”
Mary Papas “Richard and Andrea”
James Turner “WormHole”
Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson “The Scattering”

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