Thanksgiving Short Story Contest!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

We are excited to announce a new contest to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Below are the guidelines and the prize. The prompt:

A funny Thanksgiving story.

Your story can be drawn from real life or completely made up–you have the freedom to create whatever you like, as long as it is a humorous story that sticks to the Thanksgiving theme. Here are the rules:

  • Entries are due at 11:59 PM Central Time on December 7, 2015. (Chicago Time)
  • Prize is $10 cash. 
  • Word count: 1000-1200 words. (Please do not email asking for exceptions.)
  • This work must be original. Please do not submit anything you’ve published before. After you’ve entered, you cannot request to change your story.
  • No pornographic or hateful work.
  • Please email your entry to us. File types accepted include: .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. Email: shortstory.flashfictionsociety(at)gmail(dot)com. Do NOT send a PDF. From now on, we’re only accepting entries via email–we no longer accept entries in the comments.
  • Leave your Twitter handle at the end of the document (or in your email) so we can notify you via Twitter (and promote you) if you win. If you have any other social media links, you can include those, but we prefer Twitter.

Good luck! We’ve had wonderful entries in the past, and we’re confident that you can come up with a great story!

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