Short Story Contest #5

Is anyone else getting sick of this unending winter? (No, those who live in tropical and mild climates, we don’t need to hear your bragging right now, thanks. 😉 ) Well, The Short Story and Flash Fiction Society would like to Continue Reading

Flash Fiction Contest #7: The Diver

Photo found at:   Hello everyone! It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for some kind of special event here on SSFFS. 🙂 So this week, we thought why not have a flash fiction contest? It’s been a while. The Continue Reading

Winner of the Fourth Short Story Contest!

Congratulations to @KBaileyWriter (Kendall Bailey) for winning our fourth short story contest! Kendall won a $10 gift certificate to We thoroughly enjoyed reading all of our entries … the quality of each submission was outstanding. 🙂 Thanks to all the participants for their time! Continue Reading