Flash Fiction Contest #2!


We’re excited to bring another flash fiction contest to you guys. As with last week, we have another photo prompt that should get that brain juice flowing, and we have another author interview as a prize!

Directions follow the prompt.

The Prompt:


Photo taken from: http://www.nature-places.com/15-most-amazing-ghost-towns/

The rules:

1) Your flash fiction piece must be no longer than 400 words. Any longer than that and you’ll automatically be disqualified.

2) You can write any genre, but please no explicit porn or gore. Dark themes are fine, and strong language okay, too, but no hate speech.

3) Submissions can be received until midnight central time (Chicago, USA). Any later than that and you won’t be considered for the contest. You can, however, post your story and look for feedback from other participants!

4) Post the story on your site first, and leave a link to it in the comments below. This way, everyone can see what you’ve written and leave feedback! If you do not have a blog or place to post your story, no worries–you can leave the story itself as a comment. Oh, and the comments are moderated–don’t worry, we’ll get to yours.

5) Leave your Twitter handle in the comments as well, please!

6) Have fun. 🙂

What does the winner get?

Like last week, the winner gets the honor of being our second author to be interviewed on the site. You’ll be able to promote your work and get links to your site as well. The interview will be five questions–so it won’t take much time–and it’ll be fun. We promise! We’ll pick the winner by the end of this weekend.

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Good luck!

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