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The last two weeks, we’ve used photos as prompts for our contests. And we were floored by the submissions. The amount of creativity–and variety!–that could come out of the same prompt was just astounding.

So that’s why we’re putting this list of 10 prompts together. Some are pictures, while others are a single word, and others are a phrase to use somewhere in your work.

This isn’t a competition; rather, think of it as a way to get some of your creative juices flowing in preparation for Friday 😉

1. Photo:




2. Phrase:

A Beautiful Machine

3. Word:


4. Gif:


5. Idea:

The way rain sounds when it hits your window.

6. Picture:


7. Phrase:

Ashes of youth

8. Word:


9. Gif:


10. Idea:

A walk through a park in autumn, and something shiny catches your eye from beneath a pile of leaves.


Hope you have some great story ideas brewing now! Talk to you soon!

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