Winner of the Third Short Story Contest!

Congratulations to @jturner27 (James Turner) for winning our third short story contest! James won a $10 gift certificate to We thoroughly enjoyed reading all of our entries and thank the participants for their time! James’s winning story “Happy News” can be read here:

Short Story Contest #3: Hope You’re All Happy

After a few weeks’ break, we’re having another short story contest! Hurray hurray 🙂 This week’s prompt is a quote, and you’re going to be starting your story with it: “I hope you’re all happy, because now I’m gonna _______.” Continue Reading

6 Reasons to Read Short Stories and Flash Fiction Stories

Do you read short stories and/or flash fiction stories? If not, there are many reasons why you should. In the following post I will try to mention the most important ones. Tight Short stories and flash fiction stories provide tight, Continue Reading